How is context for design established in a world that can changed overnight? 

Third-year OCAD U Industrial Design students explore the intricacies of designing for health in a pandemic, delving into the mental and physical human needs of a socially-distanced world.

Micro/Macro OCADU x Design TO Design Exhibition

In participation of the course Design for Health at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, students developed self-directed term projects examining the role design plays in defining the nuanced meaning of health in a global pandemic, measuring impact on an individual to global scale. 

The projects address the concepts of flexibility, agility, inclusivity, and intersectionality, designing for an ever-changing "new normal."

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Exhibitors: Natasha Alksnis, Deanna Badi, Alexander Burton, Daniel Cui, Begum Dawlatyan, Lawrence Paskaruk, Ernesto Ramirez, Yoonwoo Seo, Michelle Wong, Stanley Wong, Joseph Zhuang

Exhibition Management: Alexander Burton, with student support

Visuals: Natasha Alksnis, Michelle Wong

Website Team: Yoonwoo Seo, Michelle Wong, Joseph Zhuang

Social Media Team: Natasha Alksnis, Begum Dawlatyan, Joseph Zhuang

Live Panel Team: Natasha Alksnis, Lawrence Paskaruk

Supporting Professors: Angelika Seeschaaf-Veres, Ranee Lee

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